Robin Clugston is a Canadian artist and illustrator raised in Ottawa, Ontario.

Robin has done many personal commissions and paintings during her time working as a freelance illustrator, along with a number of logos for small businesses and projects, and has had her work published in several magazines. She mostly works in watercolour, ink, gouache, digital paint or any combination of these, but has also enjoyed experimenting with lino-printing, silk-screening, lithography, etching and more to create her images.

Robin holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Illustration from Sheridan College.


Artist Statement:

As an artist I portray the beauty that I see in the day-to-day life around me. The juxtaposition of colours and patterns found in the chaos of the everyday world; wildflowers clamoring together in a field or springing out of the city’s concrete; faded or peeling paint, rusted metal and clusters of wires; vintage objects, machinery, and graphic design; interesting or handmade textiles: all these―and more―fascinate and inspire me daily. It is my desire to share and convey what I see when I look at the world, to show the extraordinary that can be found in the ordinary. As I look around I also see myriad ways in which the city could be “improved”: how more gardens and plants and Permaculture methods could be incorporated to create greener spaces, more free food in the city, more shade, more habitat for birds, insects and small creatures. I like to portray my optimistic visions for a more vibrant, diverse world (or direction that spaces within cities could go) as well.

Though I thoroughly enjoy my work as an illustrator, I also create art “for me” when I can. These are pieces that I use to search out and express more fully my own unique 'voice' in my work, to explore subjects and ideas that truly capture my interest and that I find to be fascinating and meaningful, while focusing on methods and mark-making at the same time. Marrying the techniques and quality of craftsmanship of illustration with the personal exploration and conceptual nature of contemporary fine art, I use that as a jumping off point to take my work in new directions.